Steve StandingCloud - Anishinabe

Steve StandingCloud – Anishinabe

Artist Biography

teven StandingCloud is an enrolled member of the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians located in north central Minnesota.  The artist believes that the art forms that he creates keeps alive a contemporary vision of the American Indian culture needed to express the pride and tradition where every image is an expression of American Indian pride and culture. 

His work expresses and represents Ojibwe and Lakota art forms that connect the appreciative observer to American Indian Cultural identity and pride.  They will feel and experience the cultural beauty that is part of the foundation of the American Indian culture with use of prideful art forms and symbols.  The artist has been literally been designing cultural pride and tradition since 1980.  For more of a visual representation of my art forms visit

Past Work

The past work that the artist has done is to complete a full array of contemporary American Indian designs in categories of Northern Woodlands and Plains designs.  He started creating greeting cards where the buyers encouraged him to expand his product offerings to include: prints, matted and framed prints in various sizes up to 16” X 20”, boxes, key chains, magnets, and apparel.

he has used social media to promote and sell art to various customers literally around the world.  He has attended multiple vendor shows selling his art within the state of Minnesota and Wisconsin.  From the networking and exposure he has gained through various vendor shows, he has been asked to create various flyers, posters, and logos for Indian and Non-Indian organizations.   

Work Placement

I place my work within the American Indian art venue as computer graphic design as most all of my work has been designed and offered with the use of Photoshop.  I have and will explore and become more proficient in various mediums to include painting and drawing

Larry let me know if this is what you are looking for.  If you need me to expand on anything just let me know.  Feel free to edit and reformat as you see fit.  As far as the pieces that I would like featured, you might want to take a look on my web page to determine which images move you.

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