Thana Redhawk in our Spotlight Interview (Spoken Word)

Thana Redhawk in our Spotlight Interview (Spoken Word)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes Taos, New Mexico “Thana Redhawk. She is a published poet and award winning spoken word artist. She’ll be stopping by to tell us all about her album “Fires of Thunder.” You can find out all about her and hear her music on her homepage at

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As an influential eloquent speaker, published poet and award winning musician and spoken word artist, Thana Redhawk is a heARTivist for the evolution in human consciousness.  Through her poetry, music, activism and honoring sacred purpose in each being, she prays to empower others by decolonizing hearts through rEmbering what it means to be a human being. 

Thana currently hosts the radio show’s called Native Voices Radio on KPFN in Mendocino County, Ca and Native Nations Radio / Apache Radio. Winner of Two Indigenous Legends Awards, Two time Nominee for Native American Music awards 2016, and Voting Member of the Grammy’s, Thana’s spoken word and music inspires generations. 

Thana is currently working on creating a new television channel “Indigenous Entertainment Television”, to bring indigenous content to the people, for the people, from the people. Thana is also a Board member of Native American Entertainment Coalition of California, Sacred World Peace Alliance (Protection of White Bison herd) both non profit organizations. As the Youngest Grandmother on the Grandmother’s Circle the Earth Council she feels we are here not to impress others, but to leave an inspired impression by keeping prayer strong, remembering everything is sacred and everything is related.

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