Shon Denay in our Spotlight Interview

Shon Denay in our Spotlight Interview

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! Larry’s guest comes to us from the Oglala Nation, Shon Denay. She is a singer, songwriter and Neo Soul Performer. She has just released her newest album “On the Rocks.” You can hear her music on Spotify ttps://

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Shon Denay, is an Oglala Lakota Sioux and African American singer-songwriter from Las Vegas, Nevada.

Her vocal style is a blend of Raw Neo Soul, Vocal Jazz, Cabaret and Quiet Storm. With a distinctively unique yet soothing voice; Shon Denay embodies the vintage earthy sounds of past Jazz artists from the early to mid-20th century and the easy feel good vibes of Nu Soul today.

Shon Denay has currently completed the debut EP release for “On the Rocks” with producer Bosie T “Thursty”. The EP includes tracks: “Wanting”, “Sea Sick”, “Should I”, “Diversion” and “RIPn Up”, “Again” and “Comeback” ft Bryan Richard.

Being raised in the “City of Lights”, Shon Denay inherently participated in local talent shows like a fish to water, winning “Best Vocal Performance” (Lipservice Awards) and “Favorite Female” (Bounty Awards). In 2009, Shon Denay also provided vocals for the track “Gotta Move On” on the “Love vs Pain Project” produced by Bosie T. In 2016, she provided vocals for the tracks; “Make Her Say” “Infidelity” and “Chain Reaction” on Chico Spitz “City of Devils” EP.

Alongside her singing, Shon Denay honed her stage presence by being cast in high school plays, hosting benefit award shows and joining the school’s dance troupe, Illusion. In 2002, Shon Denay became a founding member of Twisted Dance Troupe and remained active for seven years. In 2015, Shon Denay also assisted the founding member for CTWAY, “Change The World Around You”. An up and coming nonprofit organization based in Las Vegas that highlights and showcases local talent.

She concurrently sharpened her writing ability by entering and winning a national Hair and Makeup Makeover Contest by Glamour Magazine, a local Gary Spivey Haunted House Contest by 98.5 KLUC and was 1st Runner Up to be published by The International Library of Poetry in “Under a Quick Silver Moon”. This ultimately steered her lyrical content to be based mainly on all matters of the complex human emotion.

Shon Denay plans to release a limited production run of the EP “On The Rocks” in CD format and in digital format via online music outlets in 2018. Being that she is currently independently produced; her career path is directed towards a successful grassroots campaign to raise funds for the LP album in hopes to create a limited edition vinyl version to be carried in independently owned record stores.