Raye Zaragoza in our Spotlight Interview (Pop)

Raye Zaragoza in our Spotlight Interview (Pop)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K, this week we welcome from Long Beach, California, singer, writer and composer, Raye Zaragoza.  She has been enjoying the success with the release of new singles along with her current album “Women in Color.” and she’s been staying busy writing the songs for the children’s cartoon show “Spirit Ranger’s on Netflix. Raye is featured in our current issue of the SAY Magazine.

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Raye Zaragoza is a galvanizing presence, a self-assured artist making music to fight for, represent, and celebrate those left too long outside the spotlight. Known for tenacious feminist anthems and fearless protest folk, her stage presence teems with determined morale. As a Japanese-American, Mexican, Indigenous woman, Zaragoza spent much of her early life trying to assimilate with the world around her, to meet punishing standards of beauty synonymous with just one color of skin—and not her own. She has come a long way from that youthful pain, proclaiming “I am proud to be a multicultural brown woman with insecurities and a vibrant intersectional identity that I continue to grapple with. I hope young girls of today will know that the It Girl is whatever the hell they want to be.”

In the aftermath of her breakthrough single, “In The River,” Zaragoza released Fight For You, the protest-driven debut she says had her “finding my voice as a woman of color.” Upon releasing her first full-length, she discovered the beauty, significance, and necessity of her natural identity in a broader conversation; she was ready to celebrate what made her “different” and invigorate those of similar struggles to do the same. This rightful confidence radiates across Woman In Color, Zaragoza’s sophomore album out now on Rebel River Records, her own independent label. The album delivers powerful missives about embracing one’s own identity and discovering the power behind it, all across brisk, emotive, compelling folk melodies. Once deemed “one of the most politically relevant artists in her genre” by Paste Magazine, Raye Zaragoza now offers an intimate exploration of coming into her own, in a country where for many, simply existing is political. Through this album, Raye has written a collection of spirited canticles for herself, for womanhood, and for all the people who had to come together in such an event of divine coincidence that led to her existence. Raye has toured nationally with renowned bands such as Tedeschi Trucks Band, Dispatch, and Rising Appalachia; and her music has been featured on Resident Alien, Grey’s Anatomy, A Long Way Up, and Gather (Netflix).

Raye also currently writes the songs for Netflix children’s show ‘Spirit Rangers’ that premiered on Indigenous Peoples’ Day – October 10th. The show features an all Native American writers room and cast, and Raye has written over 45 songs for the show in the past two years. She also sings both the theme song and transformation songs on the show.

Raye Zaragoza