Quentin Condo AKA Q052 in our Spotlight Interview (Hip Hop)

Quentin Condo AKA Q052 in our Spotlight Interview (Hip Hop)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes from the Mi’kmaq Community of Gesgapegiag, Quebec, Mr. Quentin Condo aka Q052. He has just released his new hip hop album “Qama’si.” You can find out all about him on our home page at IndigenousinMusic.com and hear his music on Spotify.

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QAMA’SI, stand-up people! Q-052, nominated for Best New Artist at the Indigenous Music Awards this year, is back with a new album addressing ongoing issues that Indigenous People face across Turtle Island. Q nicely adds jazz, soul and R&B vibes to his old school hip hop songs, that dare to speak loud and clear and face the truth.  The lyrics constantly challenge the Canadian Government about the Indian Act, territorial destruction from resource exploitation, the hidden agenda surrounding the Truth & Reconciliation process and the many levels of the Canadian Genocide. Featuring collaborations of artists from Gesgapegiag (Jake Da Dogg), Kahnawake (Will E. Skandalz), Odanak (Popular Paul) and Igloolik (Angela Amarualik), Qama’si (Stand-up in Mi’kmaq) is a call to take collective responsibility and ask for systemic changes while telling soulful and touching stories, straight from the Rez . Listen now.

A strong advocate for Indigenous youth and women fighting alongside his brothers and sisters, he started to write in hope that his truthful music will inspire systemic change. Q stands for Quentin. 052 is the official governmental name for his reserve. Welcome to Gesgapegiag in Gaspesia. Nominated this year at the prestigious Indigenous Music Awards as Best New Artist, after appearing for the first time with the EP – Lateral Violence, Mi’kmaq rapper Q052 launched his first full album Rez Life in 2018. With as much phlegm and intensity as the first titles, the album takes aim at all the difficult issues Indigenous People are facing across Turtle Island. An old school hip hop, punch in the face, in which should recognize many Indigenous sisters and brothers.

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