Indigenous in Music with Paul Star (Rock)

Indigenous in Music with Paul Star (Rock)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week our guest comes to us from from Ottawa Ontario, he is a singer, producer and entrepreneur. He has just released his new album “Find Myself,” and he’ll be stopping by to tell us all about. Paul is featured in the current issue of the SAY Magazine, visit us on our homepage at Indigenous in to find out all about him.

Music from Paul Star, Mike Bern, Jace Martin, Jimmy Lee Young, Mike Paul, John Mcleod, John Trudell, Joyslam, Joey Nowyuk, Wolf Den, Jasmine Netsena, Kris Paul, Kaeley Jade, Joey Stylez, QVLN, Angel Baribeau, Nancy Sanchez, Midnight Shine, Sober Junkie, Twin Flames, Los Lonely Boys, 1915, Shauit, Mimi O’Bonsawin, Deanne Rose Moore, Leah Belle, Herbie Barnes, Laura Niquay, Nathan Cunningham, Leonard Summer and much much more.

Our Spotlight interview is 30 minutes into program….Enjoy!

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