Tim Ruperthouse AKA MATCITIM

Tim Ruperthouse AKA MATCITIM

Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K. This week we welcome from Pikogon, Canada. Singer, songwriter and performer. Tim Ruperthouse AKA MATCITIM (ma-dji-tim) is in the house. He has been enjoying the success with the release of new singles, hes pumping them out one at a time.

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Tim Ruperthouse a.k.a MATCITIM,  born in july 6, 1982.  He’s an Algonquin/Cree from Pikogan, Canada.  He started singing at age of 8 years old but never in front of anyone, he was a shy person, later at age of 16 years old, he started to play guitar then got more comfortable to play and sing in front of people.  He then joined a band when he was 19 years old, learned experience as then band slowly broke up after 5 years together.   “It was fun at first then the fun was over, I just couldn’t stand the leader and the things he’s done any longer.”

Couple of years later he decided to make his own songs by himself.  He learned bass and drums to get things done “I got a lot to show to the world, I want to make something new with our culture and mix it up with today’s music and I hope one day, I’ll get to hire a traditional drum group to join me on my journey”.  The songs I write talks about Rez problemS and Rez humour  “In my Rez, the things I’ve lived was so unfair and the songs I’ve wrote talks about what I’ve been through and I hope that it helps people and of course I also write songs about our identity and the things that makes us laughs.”

His first EP (ma-dji-tim) released in 2022 produced with Simon Walls was made during the confinement “the producer wanted to make new songs, so I had to compose as we where going further for the EP wich was very challenging for me”

His first single produced by himself released in summer 2022, song named “215” dedicated to the childrens found in residential schools “it affected me so much when I heard about it, I felt guilty questioning my father with his stories that he told me in my younger age, for a long time he stop sharing till they found the childrens, I hope this song helps people heal.”

His second single produced by himself, song name “cash money” was released at the end of summer 2022,  “I’ve worked on that song since 2020, the lyrics is about what people are ready to do for money, is a bit darker then any other songs I’ve wrote so far, I’ve added some traditional singing on that one.”  MATCITIM is currently working on his album that will include blues/rock/heavy metal and will include covers like “Seek & Destroy – Metallica”, “My My Hey Hey – Neil Young”,  “Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes,” you can listen to those covers in his Youtube channel as well.

Tim ruperthouse


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