Indigenous in Music with JUQ in our Spotlight Interview (Pop)

Indigenous in Music with JUQ in our Spotlight Interview (Pop)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week we welcome back from the Pine Ridge Indian Nation, Mr. Wanbli Ceya AKA JUQ. He has just released his 3nd Lakota Pop album entitled “Yamni.” You can find out all about him on our homepage and hear his music on Spotify.

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Enjoy our interview, 30 minutes into hour 1….

Yamni featuring Andra Lanae


Wanbli Ceya aka JUQ, is an award winning Oglala Lakota singer songwriter based on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota.  His style he bills as “Lakota pop”, a mix of contemporary pop, R&b, spoken word & his Lakota language / identity.   From his award winning contributions to other people’s records to his own, the intent to JUQ’s music is to give life and representation to what it means to be Lakota / indigenous in today’s world.  

He also features a story he titles “the Oglala wolf puppy w/ PTSD” which he is 3 chapters in so far, with his latest efforts geared towards freeing your experience of love and sexuality from systemic oppression as well as empowerment towards indigenous women & LGBTQ+.   Having amassed thousands of views through Facebook & YouTube, and him steadily gaining recognition on a world wide basis, JUQ looks to be a star in the making and a force of change for indigenous people everywhere.