JC Campbell in our Spotlight Interview (Country Blues)

JC Campbell in our Spotlight Interview (Country Blues)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week we have welcome from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Country Blues musician Mr. JC Campbell. He is a singer, songwriter and performer, he has new music out and is about to release his 4th album, he’ll be in the house to tell us all about it. Tune in and find out all about it. Find out all about him at merilainenmusic.com.

Music from JC Campbell, John McLeod, Mike Paul, Wolfsheart, MIOS, QVLN, Stevie Salas, Julian Taylor, Los Fabulosos, Cary Morin, Blackhawk Waters, Flamingo Star, Stolen Identity, Chances, Samantha Crain, Brianna Lea Pruett, The Jerry Cans, Shauit, Sly Mestokosho, Gina Loring, Q052, Political Junkie, Crystal Shawanda, Trent Agecoutay, Leela Gilday, Eagle & Hawk, Cindy Paul, Nathan Cunningham, Rellik, Don Amero and much much more.

To Skip to Spotlight Interview, click forward two times to segment 3….Enjoy!

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