Indigenous in Music with Herbie Barnes (Jazzy, Pop, Country)

Indigenous in Music with Herbie Barnes (Jazzy, Pop, Country)

Encore:  Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week our guest comes to us from the Manitoulin Island, Herbie Barnes is in the house. He has been enjoying the success on stage and on film as director and actor, and now brings to us his debut musical release “Faded Pages.” Herbie Barnes, he is featured in our current issue of the SAY Magazine, stop by our homepage and read all about him and hear his music on Spotify.

Music from Herbie Barnes, Gabby Taylor, Adrian Wall, Shylah Ray Sunshine, Bomba Estereo, Orishas, Jose Feliciano, Wolfsheart, DJ Shub, Frikstailers, Mike Bern, Hour Eleven, Phil Collen, Crown Lands, Iskwe, Rellik, Nathan Cunningham, Blue King Brown, Carsen Gray, Red Rockerz, Nimkish, Stolen Identity, Angel Baribeau, Eadse, Jace Martin, Samian, Def-i, Ariano, Elastic Bond, Joey Stylez, QVLN, John McLeod and much much more.

Our interview is 30 minutes into the show, hour 1…..Enjoy!

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