Blanca Iris Acuna in our Spotlight Interview (Rock)

Blanca Iris Acuna in our Spotlight Interview (Rock)

Welcome to indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes back from Oklahoma City, Blanca Iris Acuna. She has been nominated for two Native American Music Awards, including “Best Female Artist” and “Best Pop Recording” from her “Poets Ocean” album. She is the lead singer of “The Eagle and The Raven Band.” You can find out all about her and her band at

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Blanca Iris Acuna Hatch — aka– White Rainbow Eagle

She is a Taino Native–Published Songwriter ,Singer , Poet. and Painter.

Her poetry was first Published by The American Poetry Society In 1994 for her Poem “Where the Children laugh” Considered one of the best top 100s poems of 1994, written by an American Poet .  She is also a NAMA Nomenee 2019– For Best Female Artist and for -Best Pop Recording- for her Album–Poets Ocean.  She was nominated in 2018 – with her group –
The Eagle and The Raven band for best Rock song – “The Raven song” and for– Best Rock recording–for her Album The Good Red Road- by The Eagle and The Raven band.
Producers- of her first Album – Poets Ocean, Carlos De Leon and Yamil Martinez, Yamil Marinez- is the producer of Grammy award winner mexican Band “MANA”


Blanca Iris Acuna is considered one of the most soulful songwriter of her generation-she has been compared to Jeff Buckley ,Jim Morrison , Janis Joplin, Grace Slick, Peter Gabriel and Sting.

In 2007 she was discovered by Cucco Peña (producer of Latin super star Marc Anthony) from there she began recording in 2009 with local musician as well as international like Manuel Calzada and Alex Acuna.

Her first CD EP called Poets Ocean a mix between classical rock and Indigenous is Poetic and soulful rock Published in 2012.  Contains two songs Story Surfer~and Visionary-Things that you see With Voice and Instrumental versions


In 2016 She went to form a new band The Group named-The Eagle and The Raven band
Guitarist- Ismael Sanchez 
Drummer- Richard Rosado
Bass Player- Adolfo Rodriguez “Fito”
Lead Vocalist and Lyricist- Blanca Iris Acuna​
recorded her second CD EP–2016
a mix of Indigenous sounds and Classic Rock

Recorded with Producer
Sigfredo Aulí Rodriguez (Tito)
and He played the Bass in the recordings of the songs

Meant to be The Raven Song and Medicine woman