Indigenous in Music with Larry K - Aoceyln in our Spotlight Interview (Pop)

Indigenous in Music with Larry K – Aoceyln in our Spotlight Interview (Pop)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K, this week we welcome from the Nunavut territories in northern Canada. Aocelyn is in the house. Her new album is out entitled “Lovely” and has been enjoying some good times along with the release a her new single “I wish I was a King.” Tune in and enjoy our interview, Aocelyn is featured in our current issue of the Say Magazine, visit our music page at

Enjoy music from Aocelyn, Kelly Frazer, Locos Por Juana, ChocQuibTown, Inez Jasper, Ozomatli, Jota Quest, Mister Jam, Gabiru, Elastic Bond, Dj Bitman, Latin Vibe, Rose Moore, Buyepongo, Captain Planet, Julian Taylor Band, The GroovaLottos, Jamie Prado, Charming Horses, Carsen Gray, Bomba Estereo, Marcelo D2, Alvaro Caldera, Campo, DJ krayzkree, Luciano Supervielle, Aterciopleados, Ana Tijoux, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Old Soul Rebel, Janel Munoa, Anachnid, Angel Baribeau, Stolen Identity and much much more.

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