Indigenous in Music with Angel Baribeau (Folk, Pop)

Indigenous in Music with Angel Baribeau (Folk, Pop)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week our guest comes to us from the Cree Nation in northern, Quebec, she is a singer, songwriter and performer. Angel Baribeau is here to tell us about her new album “For Those I Love.”  You can hear her music on Spotify and find her on her homepage Angel is featured in the current issue of the SAY Magazine, visit us on our homepage at to find out all about her.

Music from Angel Baribeau, Stolen Identity, Kaeley Jade, Jamie Prado, Zoe, Jace Martin, Ana Carolina, Deanne Rose Moore, De Madredada, Indian City, Julian Taylor Band, Elastic Bond, Mob Bounce, The Northstars, Justinsayne N8V, Midnight Sparrows, Systema Solar, Mexican Institute of Sound, Sober Junkie, Joey Stylez, Carsen Gray, Mattmac, Artson, MC Recloud, Bang Data, Prozack Turner, Tony Enos, David Huckfelt, Quiltman, Whilk & Misky, Yogui and much much more.

To Skip to Spotlight Interview, click forward two times to segment 3….Enjoy!

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  1. Great interview , love that emerging queer artists are being showcased on the show ; though Angel’s pronouns are ‘they/them’ not ‘she/her’. The whole article respects their non-binary identity & pronouns, it would have been important that the host could’ve also respected that.

    We need to learn how to ask Two-Spirited, Trans and Queer folxs what pronouns they use and to honour them ; they’re a blessing to this world and unfortunately colonisation wiped out those knowings through the years, leaving us with binary thinking.



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