Andrew Saltz of J.A.M. in our Spotlight Interview (Rock)

Andrew Saltz of J.A.M. in our Spotlight Interview (Rock)

Welcome to Indigenous in Music with Larry K, this week we welcome back from North Carolina, Andrew Saltz. Singer, songwriter and Entrepreneur. He’s been staying busy creating his new rock and roll band J.A.M., and they’re putting out the singles and he’s here to tell us about their new album and current release “Lights Out.“  You can hear their music and read all about them on their homepage at

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Lights Out Video


If you have not experienced the tasteful mixture of J.A.M., you are missing out! J.A.M delivers a high-quality one, two punch of your guest favorite hits, not overplayed in the live circuit, as well as a full-catalog of their own originals that is catered to audiences of all sizes in one of the best stage shows in the Carolinas.

After you witness them – we’ll help you up, dust you off and welcome you to our ever-growing community. It will be a night to remember.  Saltz’ music, including that with J.A.M, is featured on several local radio stations including WSGE, 91.7fm, over 30 NPR stations, among other terrestrial and internet radio stations worldwide.  Saltz is signed with Spirit Wind Records in Pulaski, NY. He is a 1-time NAMA (Native American Music Award) nominee for outstanding contributions to the Native American music industry.  He and the band have been featured on BBC Introducing, Indigenous Music Countdown, in SAY Magazine, Shutter 16 Magazine, among other online and nation radio stations.

You’ve never heard your jams played so good. With multiple accolades and global recognition, it’s pretty obvious that Cherokee homegrown-NSAI singer-songwriter Andrew Saltz and his band is a talented outfit.  With years of experience, they are a night of music for the brain and the booty.
Singing and playing from the soul, they are back!


  • Andrew Saltz – vocals/piano/synths/percussion
  • Austin Blakley – guitars
  • Mark Bumgarner – bass
  • Jeremy Hambrick – drums

More about the new “LIGHTS OUT” song…

“Lights Out by J.A.M is the beginning of a band’s discography. The song carries listeners through the distinctive spectrums of any sort of heartbreak, representing anyone who has ever felt forgotten while dealing with pain, something that is as familiar as it is mysterious. Why must people experience through such agony? Why do some of us fail at listening to understand the real story? Could it be that we are unwilling to consider that some part of us needs healing first?This song is dedicated to the MMIW relief.”