Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers in our Spotlight Interview

Alan Syliboy and the Thundermakers in our Spotlight Interview

Welcome to Indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes from Millbrook First Nation, Mr. Alan Syliboy group leader of the “Thundermakers.” They have just released the latest album “Signal Fire.” Find out about them and hear their music on their homepage at

Music from Alan Syliboy & The Thundermakers, Darren Geffre, Def Jef, Tracy Bone, Bluedog, Desiree Dorion, The Cody Blackbird Band, Son of Hweeld, Centavrvs, Redbone, Irv Lyons Jr, Sihasin, Jessica Hernandez, Rosalia De Souza, Janet Panic, Shon Denny, Wolf Den, Injunuity, Tchutchu, Dj Javier Estrada, Mike Bern, Brian Hedges, nehiyawak, Khu.eex’, The Bahama Soul Club, Matt Comeau, Judie Acuquin and much much more.

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Alan Syliboy was born and raised in Truro and lives at Millbrook First Nation. He looks to the indigenous Mi’kmaq petroglyph (stone etchings) tradition for inspiration, and developed his
own artistic vocabulary out of those forms.  Alan’s band, The Thundermakers  are Guitarist/Vocals Hubert Francis star of Brookes Diamond production, “Drum” from Elsipogtog First Nation, Lead guitarist Evan Syliboy formerly with Alan’s band Lonecloud, composer, vocals & percussionist – Julianne Syliboy, vocals & percussionist – Joanne Hatfield, and bassist, composer, sound designer, video/sound editor, Lukas Pearse of Halifax NS, plus group leader, percussionist/spoken word artist Alan Syliboy.
The show consists of songs, spoken word and stories accompanied by multi-media art film and live performance.  Although this is the core group, Alan frequently calls upon other musicians and dancers to enhance his live performances.