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tdg | a digital agency

tdg | a digital agency is proud to support Indigenous in Music and Arts dedication to celebrating the indigenous cultural arts and working to develop the educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement of indigenous communities and individuals who share these values. 

As a Native American owned advertising agency based in the Black Hills of South Dakota, we have experience working with tribal organizations, non-profits, and Native American owned businesses across industries and from coast to coast. 

Our agency specializes in website development, media and public relations, digital marketing, and other solutions to help your business make the best possible. Visit us online at or call 605.722.7111.


Native Voice One

Native Voice One

Our mission is to serve as a leader in bringing Native voices to Alaska, the nation, and the world. NV1 distributes work from Native and non-Native producers whose programming educates, advocates, and celebrates Indigenous life and values. The programs also enlighten and inform the general public about Native American news, culture, history, music, events, and modern life. NV1 programming is entertaining, thought- provoking, timely, culturally-sensitive and respectful.

Say Magazine

Say Magazine

Say Magazine has been supporting Indigenous in Music and our Musicians since 2013.  SAY Magazine was the very first lifestyle magazine in the world for Native/Indigenous people.

More than just for youth – Native youth are the largest growing demographic in North America and SAY has grown over the years to include information for more than just our youth.

Consistently SAY has received feedback that the magazine and website are a RESOURCE for our people and a major source of INFORMATION on CONTEMPORARY Native issues. SAY’s mission statement is HOPE.

Established in 2002, SAY publishes four regular issues, plus annual ‘Best Practices in Economic Development, Education Guide for Native Students and Back2School editions.  Special publications, such as the program for 2008 NAIG, program for 2011 Manito Ahbee and annual reports are also available from SAY.

Subscriptions are available for single copies, multiple (6) copies and classroom kits (for educational providers at any level). Story ideas and submissions are welcome – contact [email protected] and visit them on the web at

Pacifica Network


The Pacifica Affiliate Network is a mutually supportive community of independent radio stations and production groups who cooperate to create and broadcast community media. We advance community- building and citizen participation by giving voice to the unique residents, visions, and environments in our local areas and raising them to a national platform.

The Pacifica Affiliate Network’s mission is to advance the widespread practice and pursuit of grassroots community radio, an entrepreneurial activity to increase community radio’s capacity by extending the reach and benefits of Pacifica Foundation Radio’s infrastructure, programs and assets, and also extending the reach and assets of all stations in the network through cooperation.  Visit them on the web at

Content Depot

Content Depot

The PRSS ContentDepot® portal provides a web-based interface to identify, share and receive pre-recorded programs, daily live news shows, and one-time specials. By using a combination of Internet and satellite technologies, content is delivered automatically to stations. Use the links below to find out how ContentDepot lets stations discover, manage, and receive content.


About PRX

PRX is a leading media company, shaping the future of audio by connecting talented producers with their most engaged, supportive audiences.

PRX builds technology and creates cutting-edge content that reaches millions of listeners worldwide.

We believe strong public media is anchored in journalism, strengthened with diverse voices and amplified by innovative technology.  Find out more on the web at

CARS - Built on Trust


CARS’ core value for both donor and partner solely revolves around gratitude. Always delivering exceptional customer service and lifetime donor engagement remains the top priority in  how CARS helps partners run their programs. All donations are considered a “heartfelt” gift that contributes to CARS nonprofit partner’s valuable missions. The more impactful relationships that CARS develops with your supporters; the more successful your overall program and funding will be.

CARS also maintains the standard of gratitude for our own employees in every office. CARS not only helps each employee grow their career, but also values each individual on a personal and team level. The comradery and respect between employees aids in the success of the organization as well as the superior service that donors receive when gifting partners vehicles. 

The time and care that CARS dedicates to our donors and partners has made our nonprofit an industry leader in the donation world. Your success is our success and we truly appreciate your partnership!  Click here to donate CARS.

The coming of the blessing

March of Dimes – Coming of the Blessing

Based on the core values common to all AI/AN  Nations – Love of family – Honor of mother and child – Sacred time of pregnancy – Importance of the father and family – Spirituality Strengths of the Community Common Health Beliefs  • Health is balance between physical, emotional and spiritual self in relationship to world • Mind, body and spirit are part of healing. • May use traditional healing: Sweat lodge, talking circles, songs, prayers, herbs, sacred grasses The Coming of the Blessing is…. • an umbrella for any activity implemented by March of Dimes specifically for American Indian/Alaska Native families. • Including – Facilitator trainings – Prenatal classes – Support for families with NICU babies – Traveling AI/AN photo exhibit Get your brochure at the March of Dimes

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