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Join Larry every week as he brings you live interviews and a mix of new music from our Indigenous musicians from around the Western Hemisphere, a variety of rock, pop, country, flute, salsa, classical, house and electronica.

Blanca Iris Acuna in our Spotlight Interview (Rock)

Welcome to indigenous in Music! This week Larry welcomes back from Oklahoma City, Blanca Iris Acuna. She has been nominated for two Native American Music Awards, including “Best Female Artist”…

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Show Comments

  • Thanks for the work you put in on the show. We get messages from Washoe listeners who say that your show truly speaks to them and makes them feel connected to the rest of the Indigenous community. KNVC, Carsen City – Joe Bly
  • I’ve been enjoying your show. A cool array of Native artists and overall good energy and production values. It’s a real positive addition to NV1. I was listening to NV1 again today in the car and was really enjoying your show. UnderCurrents – Host Gregg
  • For the good music, and for your most recent show, the thoughts and prayers that went into your song choices. I heard. Those sounds over the airwaves are traveling & connecting. Love, light, health out to you & Yours. WFHB, Bloomington – Thea
  • I listened to your program for the first time yesterday and loved it!! Definitely helped me shake out of a depressed mood. It was really awesome listening to G Precious too-- both of your voices brought a lot to the day! Thank you! WOJB FM – Riley
  • I’m pretty amazed at the variety and beauty of much of the music I’ve been hearing. Last week I heard some tunes that sounded quite modern, almost like hip-hop or trip hop. And of course the rhythms rock. Carsen City – Kevin